Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNo or NoNaNo

It seems that NaNo has taken over the world in my writing community. For those of you who don't know, NaNo is a sort of contest in which you have to try to write a 50K word Novel in a months time. It's not about quality but about quantity. It's intense from what I hear and read, but has a lot of advantages to the writer by forcing them to just write and not think about editing or revision. Just get the story down. I've even read that several people have had their NaNo stories end up being published (w/edit and revisions afterward, I'm sure). Basically, NaNo is not so much of a competition between writers, but one with yourself. It must be an amazing feeling to write 50K in a month. Such an accomplishment.

Okay, so why am I not part of this crazy NaNo stuff? I don't know. Maybe because I'm too excited about the revision work I have going on in my completed novel right now. Maybe because I can't imagine having the time to do this as a SAHM who's husband is working towards an online Bachelor's degree and so I have been trying to keep the girl's entertained a little more while he studies. Or, maybe I'm just scared that I can't do it. Who knows. Perhaps I'll try some other time. But I have to admit I feel very lonely right now in my writer's world. I feel like 90% of the writers I communicate with are going crazy doing NaNo right now and they are bonding in a way I can't with them. Sigh. Oh well.

Maybe 90% is a steep guesstimate. So, question of the day: NaNo or NoNaNo


  1. NoNaNo for me, Mel! I do know what you mean, though. It's very tempting to be part of the community just because there are so many amazing people participating. I'm comforting myself by trusting my own path and waving my pompoms for those in the thick of it.

  2. Me too, Joann. I'm so impressed with those doing it, but I'm totally enjoying sitting on the side line watching and rooting for everyone as they go crazy to make it to the finish line. It's pretty intense. Kinda liking watching all those runners sweat through blood and tears and exhaustion to make it to the finish line at the NYC marathon!

  3. I hear you. The only reason I'm doing NaNo this year is that the timing worked out perfectly for my WIP. I'm at about 30k so with 50k from NaNo I should be right about at the end. Otherwise, I wouldn't have stopped to do it...I was on a roll with my current novel! But yeah, NaNo has definitely taken over the blogosphere.

  4. NoNaNo for me! My timing is off this year since I just finished my first draft, but boy do I love the energy it creates in the writing community. It's enough just being on the sidelines!

  5. I'm doing it - but not pressuring myself to get to the 50k :) I think I just signed up to make a commitment to actually try and get going with an idea I've had for ages. I'm already behind! ha. tragic.

    My family and health comes first - so depending how busy it is...


  6. Melanie, I'm doing Nano this year - but not feeling it. Can't figure out which one to do. :) How is The Shifter? It's next on my list to read. I've heard such great things....

    Speaking of reading (stupid transition - but hey transitions are my weakness...)- You won my Banned Book Week Contest! Stop by and send me an email with your info and I'll send your choice out sometime this week!

  7. Woooooohooooooooo!!! Yippee *doin' the happy dance* and gettin my arse over to Heather's blogeroogy.

    The Shifter? Great!! Almost done. Actually just took a small break from it to come check things out on line. Going over to your blog right now and then back to The Shifter. I already of Blue Fire sitting on my nightstand waiting :-)

  8. Not doing NaNo, so I guess we can sit on the sidelines together. I think it's a great thing for beginning writers or those who need to have extra motivation to just sit and write. I "think" that I already have that motivation - knock on wood. Also the timing just really stinks for me, but good luck to those who're doing it!!


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