Monday, November 8, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Okay, this one really cracked me up.

I had just picked up the girls from Pre-K and Lorien was in a bad mood. Apparently, she was angry that it was time for her to go because she wanted to play with some toys at the table. So, her mood carried into the car and she was a total crank pot. It didn't help that she was up 4 times last night and was scared that the ceiling in my bedroom (yes my girls were sleeping in my bed with Dh and I), was full of bees. She got stung for the first time this past summer and is now PETRIFIED of bees :(

Anyway, I degress. So, she's in a bad mood in the car and I'm trying to distract her and cheer her up. Nothing is working. Finally she says:

"That's it. I quit. I'm angry. I want to be out of this world. I want to go to Pennsylvania!"

Huh? I friggin' cracked up. And I mean I laughed hard. Pennsylvania?? Where did that come from (we live in NY).  I really need to get a special notebook and just jot down the things they say and when they said them. Will be cute to look at when they are older. Hmmm....I think I will run out and buy a notebook tomorrow.

So, any kids say the darndest thing stories from any of you? Doesn't have to be your own kids. I just love hearing the crazy things that come out of children.


  1. Lol I guess Pennsylvania is out of this world.

    I was at a family gathering talking to my cousin (3), and asked him what his favourite dessert was. He thought carefully and finally proclaimed 'I like dinosaurs'.

    He probably didn't understand why we were all laughing so much.

  2. Aw, kids are soooo cute! I don't have any of my own yet...I really,really really want them, but I have lots of little cousins and a goddaughter. My favorite thing one of my good friends children said(she's two mind you) was this little girl walked back and forth by her, staring at her in her booster seat. Emma Grace kept looking at the little girl and looking like she wanted to say something. Finally, her dad asked, "What did you want to say to that little girl?" And Emma Grace siad, "I wanted to ask her what the hell her problem was!" LMAO

  3. @Cyanz--haha...some kids get so hooked into certain things that it's all they can think of. Perhaps she was remember a dinosaur cake or cookie that he once ate? Who knows where these kids come up with their stuff.

    @Krista hahahaha...that is friggin' hilarious!!!! Totally LMAO too! And I hope it happens for you soon (well, when you want it too :-))

  4. oops, Cyanz, I meant to say "he" not "she".

  5. Too cute Mel! I know I should get a notebook too because I ought to be able to come up with one, but alas my mind is blank at the moment.

  6. Haha, there are definitely parts of Pennsylvania that are very different.

    You daughter sounds adorable :)

  7. PA, I love that. Very good stuff. Hope you're getting these gold nuggets on the page.


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