Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Need Your Help Purty Peas :-)

Okay, so, I was on Joann's blog, It's Dark, Dark in Here (I visit it often) and I clicked on her MOI (FAQ) page and realized I don't have one of those and since Joann mentioned that it's the first thing she generally looks for when checking out a new blog, I figure there are probably others like her.

And I don't have one.


Since I don't have anything to blog about right now, I thought, let me put it up to my "followers" (God that sounds so cheesy! And I remember my Dad always reminding me as a teenager..."Don't be a follower. Be a leader."). Anywhoo, I was wondering if you could offer some good FAQs for me to answer as I feel silly asking and answering my own questions. The questions could be serious or totally ridiculous (or both if you ask more than one!) I will try to answer all of them as long as it's not TOO TOO personal--you know, don't ask my bra size or questions like bikini or thong? Unless it's regarding a hot celeb :-) Ask as many questions as you'd like and I will try to include them all. Of course you are all doing me a huge favor, so a GINORMOUS, GIGANTIC, GARGANTUAN THANK YOU in advance for your help. I think this could be fun. Or really, really embarrassing. But I'm totally okay with embarrassing.

Ask away Peeps :-)


  1. haha, I have an "About Me" page, but it's really bare-bones right now. It merely said "Under construction" for like the first month or two, but I finally felt like I needed to put something there and wrote a short paragraph. Prob. will add some pictures or something soon, but it'll still be sad for a little while. But I'm totally game for coming up with some questions for you! How about...

    What are 3 things on your Bucket List?
    If you could fall into any novel, which one would it be?
    What would your superpower be?

    Ok, this next one is kind of odd, but seriously, my family has probably spent HOURS arguing about this, we're so divided. I think it started back when I was in high school and we were waiting for our food at a restaurant and started playing 'Would you rather'...for some reason this particular question led to a lot of VERY STRONG opinions, haha.

    Would you rather spend the rest of your life with your legs permanently straight or permanently bent at the knee (at a 90 degree angle)?

  2. haha...these are great questions. The, would you rather, I can just picture a family sitting round at a table in a restaurant having a heated debate about something like that. Hahaha.

    Thanks Hayley for participating. You're a trooper, girl :-)

  3. Hmm...

    Why do you write YA?
    What influences you the most?
    Are you creative in other ways or just writing?
    If you couldn't write what would you do?
    What's your favourite book/artist/musician/play/film?
    Do you have a day job?
    What, in your opinion, is your greatest accomplishment to date?
    What is your biggest fear?
    What is your favourite snack food?
    On what day of the week do you get the most writing done?

    There ya go. Actually this has made me think that I should probably do something similar but it'll have to wait till later in the month.

  4. My question is, will you please switch back to a template that isn't white on black so I can read and enjoy your posts more easily? Visual learning disabilities don't like that format!

    But, seriously, those are some great questions above, don't have any to add.

  5. Oh, man, really Angelica??? Crap. I didn't realize that. That totally sucks. Okay, will look into other templates. Thanks for letting me know!!

  6. Wow, that was fast! Now can I have a pony? JK, I've never outgrown asking for a pony.

    From a design point of view, the white-on-black is indeed striking, but it means I have to copy and paste the text into wordpad or something and then change the font color. Thanks for being so accommodating and I look forward to your new and improved About me/FAQ section.

  7. Thanks FIC! I've already answered all of them. Thank you so much and again, congrats on getting married!!!!!! Hope you are having/had fun on your honey moon.

  8. wow. i love love love your about me section. if i didn;t already know you were cool i'd be thinking you are COOL :)

    i love that you're a teacher like me. chips are my biggest weakness too :)

    your childhood fascinates me.

    love ya!

  9. You did good, girl! My FAQ is pretty dry, but I'm way too out-of-my-mind-busy-crazy-in-the-midst-of-edits-and-teaching-and-working, so there ya go. :) You rock!

  10. Awww shuckies guys :-)

    You make me blush. Sending big cyber hugs to you both.

    Hope you didn't mind me mentioning your blog, Joann. I really do love your blog!!

  11. Okay Mel, you're making me feel guilty. I have a big under construction sign on my About Me page that's been there for months. I'm one of those people who HATED getting that all about me assignment in grade school - you know where you had to add pictures and talk about your dog and everything. Which reminds me, my questions:

    Dog person or cat person?
    chocolate or butterscotch?
    Romantic comedy or action?
    Mocha Latte with a whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon or plain black coffee?
    Favorite 80's song and/or toy?
    First celebrity crush?
    crayons or markers?
    Finally, can you roll your tongue?

    Okay, you don't have to answer any of those, except the dog/cat question.

    And yay! you're almost up to 50 followers!

  12. Haha, somehow I figured you were a dog person. Now for the tough one: Labrador or shnoodle?

  13. okay, never heard of a shnoodle? I do love labradors, but my all time fave is the Golden Retriever. I did have a dalmatian for a short while, but she had too many problems and was very skittish, and needed to be in a home with a yard, so I found her a much happier home. And I will say that I love dogs, but I don't like having the responsibility for one so I don't think I'd ever own one again.

  14. I meant any sort of small dog - there are so many crosses - schauzer with bull dog, schnauzer with poodle, so I just made it up. And oh, you would have loved my Casey. She was so sweet. I think I could probably talk Sze Jee into getting another golden, but I really want a cat. In fact I want one so bad that I've put cats on my screen saver and every now and then i just close everything so I can look at them. :(

  15. You know, I realized this morning that I had word verification on my blog and I hadn't really intended to do that. So, i took it off. half an hour later I got a long spam message on my comment sheet so I put it back on even though I think it's a pain in the butt.

    Just saw your weight loss goal - good luck!

    I'm just jabbering cuz I have nothing to do for the next half hour. :)


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