Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! It's almost that time of year!!!l

We are only a week away from Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, the other one being Christmas. Kinda sucks that they are so close together as I have to wait a looooooong time for my favorite holiday season to arrive.

Thanksgiving for me is all about the delicious traditional Thanksgiving meal (and about giving thanks, of course :)).

Here is what my Thanksgiving feast includes:

Turkey (I only eat the white meat)
Stuffing (my absolute favorite!)
Cranberry sauce (every bite of turkey must be combined with stuffing and cranberry sauce on the fork)
Mashed Potatoes
Butternut squash
Gravy (for everyone else. I don't do gravy)
Apple Pie

Okay, I have a little confession to make. I don't actually cook or prepare one item on this list. Yes, ladies and gents, I buy the entire meal, pre-cooked from my local Stop&Shop supermarket. And here it is...

Complete Turkey Dinner

Our turkey dinner features a juicy, fully-cooked Butterball turkey complete with all the traditional side dishes and desserts. Simply heat and serve. Serves 6-8.

Butterball Fully Cooked Turkey (aprx 10-12 lbs),
2-24 oz Stop & Shop Homestyle Mashed Potatoes,
1-24 oz Stop & Shop Homestyle Stuffing,
2-24 oz Stop & Shop Butternut Squash,
1-24 oz Stop & Shop Turkey Gravy,
1-14 oz Stop & Shop Fresh Cranberry Relish,
12 Dinner Rolls,
8" Apple or Pumpkin Pie.

Allow 2 hours for reheating turkey.
Serves 6-8.
No substitutions please.

While supplies last, last day to order is 11/22.

For nutrition facts and ingredients, please click here

This item is only available for pickup from 11/13/2010 thru 11/24/2010Please allow 2 days notice for this item
Complete Turkey Dinner

Price:  $59.99

Isn't that sweet ass sweet??? A no stress, full out Thanksgiving meal for only 60 bucks. Tell me that isn't a deal??? There is one thing I do actually make because my husband would break down and have a sobbing fit if I didn't. It's a Puerto Rican dish I learned to make from my mother-in-law called piƱon. It's like lasagna, but instead of noodles you make it with layers of fried sweet plantains. It's insanely delicious.

So, tell me about your meal. What is usually on the table at your Thanksgiving feast? What is your favorite, must have item on the menu?


  1. I love plantains because they are yummy. Go you for making your Hubby's dish. Rah.

  2. looks awesome. sounds like so much fun. we don't do thanksgiving (obviously) but it's always popping up in books/movies.

    also, i have never had turkey or stuffing or cranberry sauce. i don't know why, as it looks delicious.

    it's also JUST occurred to me, that my kids haven't either. due to all the weird things i don't eat, they are not eating them either by default. (i haven't had mashed potato since the 80's! haha.)

    love ya Mel! have an awesome thanksgiving.

  3. OMG, Mel, I so envy your Stop & Shop! What an incredible price for a fully cooked meal. Yummy. I'm a white meat girl too. My absolute favorite thing, though, is pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmm...hungry now.

  4. I had pumpkin fudge that a friend made and it was amazing.

  5. Stop & Shop! What is Stop & Shop? Is there one in Seattle? Because that looks GOOD.

    I have no idea what we're doing for Thanksgiving. I'm feeling too lazy to cook... but I do love my turkey. Sigh.

  6. Oooh yes I understand the 'every bite must be combined on the fork'. I love it when you go to a really nice restaurant and you can do that with EVERY SINGLE THING on the plate and it tastes amazing.

    No Thanksgiving for me, but I'm looking forward to Christmas with a pavlova (parfait? Like a gigantic meringue), strawberries and barbecue (:

  7. I saw this post a little late I guess. :) How can you not do gravy?? Are you insane, girl? And my husband was just asking me what the deal was with Americans and white meat. He says that most asians like dark. I do like dark meat better even though it's not as healthy. Just wondering if that's your reason or you really do like white better?? come on, enquiring minds want to know.


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