Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Post--Bookmarks

Last night I had the most random thought and said to myself, Why not blog about it? So, today's post is about bookmarks. Yes folks, the ever exciting, thrilling, can't contain one's exuberance, bookmarks.

So for the last couple of books I have read, I was using this stupid torn piece of paper from  Great Wolf Lodge. I mean, don't get me wrong, it served it's purpose, but it was a strange jagged-y triangular shaped piece of paper ripped from the corner of a Save 20% coupon. I seriously don't even remember how it got ripped or why. Did I tear it off because I needed it for a bookmark? Who knows. God only knows why I do the things I sometimes do, and I sure wish s/he'd let me in on the reasons.

Upon picking up the last book I read, I said to myself, Wait a minute...My husband has several bookmarks in the nightstand next to his side of the bed. I had used them in the past and couldn't for the life of me figure out why I demoted myself to a piece of torn paper. So, I'm back to using an "official" bookmark thing-y. It's a LOTR bookmark with a picture of Arwen and Aragorn (happy sigh) walking hand-in-hand during the Coronation of the King scene in The Return of the King. The picture is so beautiful and has a calming sage green tassel with the One Ring inscribed with Elvish writing around it. Yes ladies and gents, I have the one ring to rule them all...muahahahaa.

So what about you? What do you use as a bookmark? What does it look like. What's the story behind it?  Share the juicy details!


  1. My name is Jenny and I dog-ear.

    ::slinks away in shame::

  2. Okay, I soooooo don't know that expression...could you elaborate?

    Anyone? Is that when you use the inside flap from the cover as your book mark? Or is there another term for that?

    Oh, wait!!! I get it. Is that the turn the corner of the page down technique? Zoink. Bops self in forehead. Gotchya.

  3. I dog ear too, but I did have one bookmark that I loved. It was of Winnie the Pooh sitting on a rock and he says, "this looks like a thoughtful place to rest." :)

  4. I found you over at Angie's blog (addicted to books) and had to follow you over here! I love yoru blog, an anyone who is a fan of Janice Hardy is a friend of mine!

    So naturally, I followed. *Waves excitedly*

    This is such a cute post... it really got me thinking on what I use. I've tried bookmarks but always end up losing them... so I resorted to something else, it has a dual function, and it's awesome, wanna know what it is?


    Yup, that's right... I said, post-it's. If I'm reading a book for a friend I find it's a great way to write page #'s of favorite parts (for reviews) it has also helped me when I'm working on a story and I have an epiphany, all thanks to a concept in a series I'm reading.

    Post-it's are great to keep track of your page and track of your thoughts! Awesome post... I might post something similiar next week - as long as you don't mind ;)-

  5. Hi Jen! *Waves excitedly back and waves tail* Well, if I had a tail it'd be waggin' :-) Thanks so much for your sweet compliment on my blog. I will be checkin yours out in just a bit :-)

    Post-its. Hmm...that's actually really, really smart for all the reasons you mentioned. I think I may have done that in college with my text books, but I like the idea that you can write a note to self about something you just read or a thought or feeling you may have gotten from a particular page. And with all the styles and colors of post-its...Oh man, that could be waaaaayyy too much fun hehe.

    Welcome to my blog and hope you can stop by again sometime! (and yes...I'm a HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE fan of Janice Hardy! :-))

  6. Hey Angie :-) Guess I know what I'll be gettin you for Xmas :-)

  7. I actually rarely use bookmarks. I have a few - swag from author-friends, pretty souvenir-bookmarks, gifts, but mostly I just tend to remember where I was before closing the book. So far it works well for me! :)

    (Btw, I totally have a One Ring! Wearing it right now! ;) )

  8. awesome random post. love it.

    i use booksmarks, but also whatever is in reach - usually some random docket of piece of paper. my kids make me book marks too.

    sam made me one the other day. It had a picture of a book on it with the title: "Girls Stink" and a picture of a girl with puff coming out from behind her. underneath the book he'd written: 'this is the best book ever'

    ahh, boys. he cheekily grinned at me and said: "I made this for you mum"

    such a charmer.

  9. hahahaha Nomes! That is so friggin' funny. A charmer indeed :-)

  10. Yeah! Bookmarks!

    I dogear as well. For the longest time I used to us a funny bookmark made of glue pressed into the top of a pencil box and left to dry. It came out all colorful and plastic-y.

    PS. Love the background change. Fits November perfectly. ;)

  11. Hey Michelle! I'm trying so hard to picture that glue/pencil box creation haha...sounds interesting.

    Thanks about the background. I'm totally lovin it. I loved my other one as well. It had a very Elven feel to me, but then one day I clicked over onto someone's blog (from someone else's blog) and they had the same background and I don't know why, but it bugged me :-)) Anyway, change is good, right?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Wow, I really like the idea of post-its. I see really cute ones all the time in the dollar store or the dollar section at Target but I can't bring myself to buy them cuz I think it's a waste of money - BUT this would serve a great purpose.

    Also, my sister made some really cute bookmarks using pictures of the kids along with some scrapbooking paper, stickers, etc and laminated it. then again, she laminates EVERYTHING!!

  13. I dog-ear books the books I buy used...if they're already worn and ragged looking, then I figure it doesn't matter. If it's a hardcover with a book jacket, I used the jacket flaps. And if it's something else, I use scraps of paper. I think I might own one "real" bookmark, but I'm not sure where it is...

  14. Loved this post because this is so like me. A lot of my books I get from the library (I usually reserve them ahead of time and then go pick them up) and they always have a little piece of receipt-like paper sticking out the top with my name on them. That little stupid paper is usually what I use as a bookmark. Embarrassed to say I'm not sure I even own a true bookmark. Maybe that would make a good stocking stuffer.

    Anyway, sorry I haven't been around as much lately. How is everything going?

  15. Angie...Oh man, I'm such a laminator. I actually have about 20 book covers that I removed from some of my favorite Children's literature books and had them laminated. I used to hang them in my classroom on the wall after I read one of those books. I want to hang them up around my girls room as a sort of decorative boarder.

    Hayley, I always take the book jacket off right away when I start to read because it annoys me for some reason. I feel like I"m always bending and crinkling it or it's slipping off.

    Shari, WELCOME BACK TO THE BLOGGIN WORLD :-) Yeah, i definitely don't doggy-ear books from the library and then when they are my own books and I know I spent money on them, I don't want to bend the pages either. As for the stocking stuffer, start dropping hints the fam now. :-)


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