Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Wet, Sick Wednesday :-)

Yep, says it all. It's raining here and one of my girls is sick. Maybe that's what inspired me to change my blog appearance. I needed a change and though I hate rain, there is something about this particular background that I find tranquil.

Today's goal is to get my daughter to the ped and I'd really like to get some new writing done. I'm finding it very hard to work on my new wip while I'm in the revision process of my other novel. I know there are people who work on multiple projects at a time, but I'm finding it very difficult.

What about you? One project at a time or can you multi-task with your different works?


  1. I love the new look. Makes me feel all dreamy and quiet.

    I'm multi-tasking at the moment. Have some revisions for the first novel to complete (by tomorrow!) and am desperately trying to wrap up the first draft of the next book. I don't enjoy multi-tasking. I'd be less stressed focusing on one thing at a time.

    Hope your daughter feels better, Mel!

  2. Thanks Jen! Hope you get that revision stuff done for tomorrow! I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to deadlines. I go crazy out of my mind, but seem to work better under pressure.

  3. hey mel

    sorry your girly is sick :( that sucks.

    I love the new layout. I almost went with this one myself.

    Personally, I can only do one project at a time. I only have enough room in my head to get absorbed on one story. hope you got stuff don today you wanted to! I just wrote out my to-do list for today, sighed and flopped on the lounge for 5 mins.


    thinking of you!

  4. Didn't get much done today (well, did the laundry vacummed the house, ran a load of dishes, did three loads of laundry, and took arwen to the ped (she has some sort of activity induced asthma that makes her cough and a cold so she's going to be on some meds for the athsma). I guess I did get some stuff done, but I'm getting sick now too and we leave in 2 days for a 3 day weekend at an indoor water park! Waaaaahhhhhhh.

    I know your arse is on that couch with a book. Make sure you come up for a breather, girl :-)

  5. Hope Arwen gets better soon. Seems like everytime I talk to you one of them is sick. As for multiple WIP - I've tried really hard to focus on just the one for now. Sometimes (not now) I find myself drift into something else for a couple weeks. It's actually better I think to stick to one than have book hopping syndrome.

  6. Ha. It does seem that way, doesn't it? Been a rough month with sicknesses, but I guess that is the nature of being in a school setting for the first time, hey?

    I tried to work on my fantasy novel (the one I posted teases on), but I can't seem to work on it much these days because my mind is still swarmed with thoughts of Breaking Out. I guess when and if I get in burn out mode, it will be easier. In the meantime, I'm totally loving The Shifter so hopefully I can use this in between time to catch up on some reading.

  7. Sorry about your daughter! Hope she's feeling better!

    And I like the new look! I'm planning to redo my blog's look, soon--we'll see when I actually get around to it :)

    And I'm definitely one of the one-project-at-a-time people. Would like to be otherwise, but I'll have to work on it.

  8. Thanks Hayley! She's doing much better. I'm doing much yuckier :-) But I will live.

    I love the look of your blog. I haven't seen one like it. Oh and I forgot to mention how cool it is that you are a pastry chef! Way cool. :-) I'm totally addicted to the cooking network and some of my favorite shows are the cake competitions and dessert competitions.


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