Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's Tempting Teaser #2

This is a pick up from  last week's teaser, which if you didn't see you can read here.  I wanted to include this scene well...because it's fun and you get to see some of the crazy powers that go on at this place and you get to meet Skylar, Sam's (Samantha's) nemesis so to speak. Keep in mind that when there are italics, Sam is using her telepathic powers. Hope you enjoy. :-)

With Josh away from the table, I munch on some fruit and pick at my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I’m quickly bored.
Searching around the room, I focus in on fifteen year-old Kelly LaGray. She’s sneering at fourteen year-old Sindi Sanchez who’s sitting a couple of tables over. I listen.
Stupid bitch. I get in trouble, but she doesn’t? Spanish trash loser. Just wait ‘til we’re both out of here.
I know what she’s referring to. A couple of days ago Kelly got busted for using her telekinetic powers to purposefully move an object that caused Sindi to trip and fall flat on her face. She was upset that Sindi didn’t get in trouble when she used her biological manipulation powers to create the biggest zit Kelly’s ever seen, smack in the middle of her forehead.
I can’t help but laugh. Sindi was smart. She timed it perfectly with the onset of Kelly’s period so they couldn’t prove it wasn’t a natural occurrence. Good for Sindi. Kelly’s a stuck up racist bitch.
I shut her thoughts out and turn my attention to Brian Kaufman who only has three weeks left at the lodge. Once you turn eighteen, they can’t force you to stay here. He has just finished saying something to Matt.
He’s laughing.
I’m nosey.
Yep, that bootylicious hottie won’t be able to get enough of me. Once she sees my new, ginormous schlong, she’ll be beggin’ for more of the Kaufinator.
He’s talking about some girl in Brooklyn that he’s been telling all the guys he’s going to hook up with when he gets out. She isn’t one of us.  From the contents of his thoughts I’m assuming he plans on using his ability to switch body parts and replace his you-know-what with someone else’s.
He’s smiling to himself.
He’s repulsive.
Shoving him out of my head, I glance over at my least favorite person here, "Skinny Skylar." She appears to be sulking with her elbow on the table, head resting on the edge of her palm, fork moving her food around aimlessly.
It’s not fair. What guy doesn’t want a blonde hair, blue eyed rich girl? I don’t care what Celine says, Marina is what every guy wants. She’s so beautiful…and so skinny. I bet she’s a model.
She sighs.
Celine does make a good point about Josh not even looking her way at today’s meeting though. She looks back over her shoulder and spots Josh who is now heading back to our table. Then again, he never looks at me either so that doesn’t really help. I wish he liked me. He’s so hot.
I almost choke on the piece of pineapple I just tossed in my mouth. It jolts my system when someone uses the words Josh and hot in the same sentence. It’s weird hearing people think about him like that.
She turns back to her food and throws her fork down on the plate like it’s done something to offend her—as if eating that one piece of cantaloupe will cause her to gain two ounces and ruin her life forever.
As Josh passes by her table, she stares after him like a lovesick puppy. Her eyes drop further down.
Oh my God! She’s totally staring at his butt!
I feel like I’m going to hurl. And yet…it annoys me.
If only he could take his ogling eyes off Sam for more than a second, she says.
Now I do choke on my food. The girl’s deluded. It’s not like that with Josh and I. He’s my best friend—well, my only friend, really. I glance back in her direction, but as her eyes continue to follow Josh to our table, they inadvertently land on me. With her eyes wide, she sits upright, appearing nervous and abashed.
Oh Jesus, I hope she wasn’t listening to me. Shit. I hate that she can hear my thoughts whenever she wants. Maybe she wasn’t listening. Okay, what can I think about, what can I think about? Think, think, think…
She begins singing some song in her head and turns away.
Josh returns and a momentary feeling of awkwardness passes through me. I take a bite of my sandwich and shake it off. 


  1. haha. great teaser mel. reminds me of those first beginning chapters where i fell in love with Sam's voice.

    Love it.

  2. oohh Mindreader awesome, the thoughts seem so natural and the voice is perfect, nice tease

  3. *giggles* Ah the inner workings of the teenage mind captured so beautifully. I o enjoy reading your teases.

  4. Heh, loved the ending, the sudden onslaught of nervousness around Josh while still listening to Skinny and her realization.

    Good job.

  5. Great teaser! I really like your MC's voice and the ideas behind your novel are fascinating. Woo hoo!

  6. This is one of my favorite scenes - so creative!! I'm tempted to go back and re-read the whole ms after reading your teasers - and i probably will once you're done. So get going little girl and finish this thing!!


    And Angie, Ouch...that towel whip on my butt hurt. I promise I'm going to finish the darn thing (by the end of next week I've given myself or I'm going to be grounded and I won't be allowed to eat chocolate or rainbow twizlers for a month! :-))

  8. This MC reminds me of a telepathic Harriet the Spy :) Nosy, but in a good way, cause you're interested in it all! hehe

  9. Too bad Brian can't switch personalities as easily as he can switch body parts! That ginormous schlong will still have a jerk on the other end (I almost said ass on the other end, LOL)

    Glad you liked my post from yesterday on my blog.

  10. hahaha, "That ginormous schlong will still have a jerk on the other end." Angelica, I might just have to add that into my ms! :-) And yeah...Brian is a pic. Bleh. Sad to think there are characters out there like him hehe.

    Ellen, thanks for commenting. Harriet the Spy, haha. That brings back some memories. Aack. I'm too friggin' old dang it.

  11. Okay, I totally meant to say "pig" not "pic." That's what I get for trying to respond before my coffee.

  12. I LOVE THIS. The concept is super creative and the conflict between the MC and "Skinny Skylar" at the end was great. Loving the voice, too.

  13. Thank you so much Vee! And I LOVED your teaser! Thanks for comin' over and commenting. :-) I think I've said this to you before, but I'm so in awe of your talent...and so young (walks away sucking teeth and shaking head, trying to remember what the H E double hockey sticks I was doin' with myself at 17...nuttin') :-)


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