Friday, February 17, 2012


I always thought the spam folder was the best thing ever created for email. I hate all those stupid emails that are obvious scams and have the potential to deliver a bug to my computer system. For a while, I would look through the folder, curious to see what was in there. But after a while, it was the same old stuff, sooooooooo....I started just hitting that little trash can button and deleting them without looking because it was filtering the bad stuff quite well.

Today, for some odd reason, I saw there were 2 emails in the Spam folder and decided to just take a look. And guess what? There was a response letter from an agent re: my query!!!!! W.T.F.??? Okay so it was a Rejection letter and you probably think, meh, could have done w/out seeing that one, but nooooooooo. I love to receive back a letter even if it is a form R because I like having some sort of closure with that agent to file away from my project being queried.

Obviously, my concern now is, what if I have deleted other letters? WHAT IF ONE OF THOSE LETTERS REQUESTED A PARTIAL OR FULL???? GAAAAAHHHHHHH! Such a horrible feeling.

So, my advice. If you are in the process of querying, check that spam folder before deleting and when an agent tells you that it may have accidentally gotten into their spam folder...THEY AINT LYIN'

Damn. :(

Lesson learned.

Carry on.


  1. Wow! I never read my spam emails either.. thanks for the tip. And try not to think about the possibility of deleting a request email... that's so terrible I can't even imagine it!

  2. It's so hard. Especially when you see one of your dream agents tweeting about a request she made for a MS she just has to read and your hoping and praying it's yours LOL. Wishful thinking, but hey, younever know. AND I MAY NEVER KNOW! waaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  3. I've seen lots of agents say that if they don't get a response on a partial or full request, they do check in with the author. The length of time before they nudge varies, so you could still get a "Where are the pages I requested?" message if a first one was lost!

  4. Ooh, that's nice to know, Angelica. I just assumed that if you didn't respond, they take it as an insult and move on. I really do hope if I missed anything that they do nudge and I get a second chance. I mean, it's so hard to get a first chance in this biz, you know? I hate the idea of screwing that up.

  5. I had the same problem, only it wasn't a query. It was a med school rejection.

  6. I check my spam folder from time to time. Maybe once a week. That's fine, since it empties every 30 days.

    Since I keep my querying e-mail free of non-writing stuff, I don't get much spam in that account, thankfully.

  7. I agree, a rejection provides closure. I hate the not knowing.


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