Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shhh...I'm having an affair. Don't. Tell. Anyone!

I can't believe this. I've always believed in monogamy. I've always remained faithful. I mean, trying to handle one relationship is hard enough, right? But, I have to say that cheating is both exhausting and exhilarating. I can't really explain it. It's giving me a sort of high I've never felt before. They both make me so happy, but when one overwhelms me or frustrates me or pisses me off, I can run to the other for a much needed break and that feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that keeps me a happy girl. And they are both so, so different. I mean, they're both really exciting, edgy, and give me non-stop action, but they're from like totally different worlds!

So far they don't seem to know about each other. Think I'll keep it on the down low for now. Though, there's this other dude who's recently come back into my life, too. He was in lock up for a while and recently came out. I've begun messing around with him as well. What can I say? I missed him and I couldn't deny him the tender loving care he so desperately desired.

God. I'm such a whore.


Have you always remained a one manuscript at a time kinda person, or do you admit to whoring it up! Come on, CONFESS!!!


  1. Sniffle. I usually only do one mss at a time - however, I edit my old flame while messing around with my new squeeze :-D

  2. Generally, I can't divide my attention that way. Sometimes, I try, but I end up settling with just one until it's finished. It's so disappointing.

  3. HA--I'm a total ms whore too--HI FIVES!!! I totally go back and forth...sometimes, it even helps me drum up more enthusiasm that way! :D

  4. Mel, for the love of God please tell me you're being safe!!!


  5. You are SUCH a whore. :) (enjoy every minute!)

    I haven't cheated in awhile myself... but I've been tempted.

  6. I just announced a hiatus from my crit group, so that I could concentrate on Crow's Rest. And then got an email that an agent wants to call me about revisions on my first book. So I may have to say, "Sorry, CR. You'll wait for me, wont you? Even if it takes a long time?"

  7. Jenn, ha! no cheating for you. you get that sequel ready, woman!

    Angelica, congrats! I'm sure CR will wait. No one else can do him like you :) ha.

    dang it. i had 4 other comments that got eaten when Blogger went Bonkers.Oh wells.


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