Friday, February 4, 2011

Return of the Itches

As in the itches to write. Like really write. Something new. One of my several SNI's sitting there screaming, "Write me! Write me!" "Me first, Melanie. Pleeeeeease!!" "No. Me first. You know you've been thinking about me."

And I have. About all of them. So many stories to write so little time. So, why am I only itching to write and not writing? Because I'm giving myself a small break. I have been writing, and revising non-stop for over 2 years. I am now finally in the querying process and it is stressful as those of you who have been through it know. But that's not the only reason, I'm not writing. When I knew I was coming to an end of working on my latest novel (and let's face it, you are never really...done),  I took on a few beta commitments, so that has also been keeping me busy. I'm catching up with friends who have been practically ignored over the past couple of years because of my obsession to write with any spare moment I had. Being a full-time mother is my priority, so when I had a few minutes here and there to spare, guess where it went...yep--to writing.

But, the itch is getting stronger and stronger and STRONGER and I honestly don't think I can hold out much longer. I have been doing some revising on my recently out of the trunk novel, which I''m so super excited about, but I also feel a need to write something new, so I have a feeling I will be two-timing my projects. :-)

Do you take breaks from your writing? What do you do during your breaks and how long do/can you stay away?


  1. Scratch that itch, before it goes away.

  2. I forgot to mention, Stephen King's On Writing. Hubby and I enjoy it a lot and recently finished rereading it at night. We like to read out loud before bed. Anyway, it might be a good book for you. Until next time, Happy Eating and Happy Writing.

  3. yes, this book has been recommended to me and i most definitely will be picking it up. thanks for stopping by. off to scratch my itch :-)

  4. SCRATCH THAT ITCH. Scratch it hard. It might go away!

    I do take breaks, mostly to focus on working more. Lately I haven't written at the furious pace I'm used to, which is weird. I don't wanna slow down! But maybe it's a good thing.

    Love you!! Casting voodoo on that query of yours to net DOZENS of requests. DOZENS. Prepare yourself for it. ;)

  5. I'm resisting the itch until I have the other one wrapped up and sitting in mailboxes. In the meantime I've been doing a little bit of research (writing research, not scientific). I want my next one to go pop! pop! real fast, so I'm outlining.

    Cheers to taking that old WIP out of the trunk!!

  6. Awww...michelle! i so heart you. and thanks for all the voodoo vibes. i'll take the luck in whatever way i can get it ;-)

    Angie, i guess that's kind of a break. just so glad to hear that you are finally done and almost ready to query!!!! fingers toes, eyes and veins are crossed for you :D

  7. Good luck on your writing and I hope your break is productive.
    I'm your newest follower.


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